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Innovation in Health and Wellness Delivery Systems

Sextant Developers

Sextant currently markets two different lines of topical nutraceutical patches– the delivery system designed to provide health and wellness benefits in a form that is preferable to pills, gels, capsules and drops.

Why Topical? The human body is designed to use food as the source of all of its nutritional needs.  However, foods typically contain nutrients in small amounts relative to the higher concentrations found in pharmaceuticals or supplements.
When a food, supplement or medication is ingested, the body immediately goes to work metabolizing it. Since the body typically needs only small concentrations of nutrients in its systems at any point in time, it works toward ridding itself of higher concentrations, which it sees as excess material. It works harder to process these materials out of the system and bring the body back to a state of equilibrium.

When used as directed, our patch offers a more natural alternative for delivering higher concentrations of beneficial nutrients: topical absorption.


Topical absorption is a very gentle process that leverages the absorptive capabilities of the body’s largest organ, the skin. Upon contact, the skin begins to absorb the supplement being introduced through the patch. While the patch can deliver the same dosage as a pill, capsule, gel or drop, it delivers that dosage over a longer span of time, gradually introducing the substance(s) so they are more readily accepted by the body. This process enables the body to use the nutrients “on its own terms” instead of knocking it out of equilibrium with a huge dosage that forces it into metabolizing mode. This mechanism more closely resembles what occurs in the body when nutrients are received from a diet consisting of a variety of whole foods.


Doctor’s offices, clinics and other healthcare practitioners may provide their patients with topical patches as supplements to a patient’s health and wellness program. A 30-day supply of patches is conveniently boxed in individual dose quantities based on usage recommendations.

Six formulas are currently available:

Vitamin D3 Weight Management
Vitamin B12 Sleep Aid
Energy Aid Iodine

Medical practitioners can look forward to the availability of other types of botanical topical patches as well, as several are now in development for Sextant. Visit this website often for updates on the latest formulations.

Individual patches are designed for external use, where the active ingredients are absorbed through the skin. Apply to a clean, dry area of the skin, alternating the application area with each daily application.

Our topical patches for individual consumer purchase are marketed under the brand name through a variety of retail distribution channels, such as airports, travel centers and local convenience stores. Packages typically contain two doses and are designed for convenient point-of-purchase merchandising on display hooks near check-out counters or in health and wellness aisles.


Five types of patches are currently available under the brand name:

–       Energy Aid

–       Weight Management

–       Sleep Aid

–       Stress Relief Aid

–       Immunity Aid


Other formulations are in the development stages. Find out about new products by returning to this website for updates.


Individual patches are designed for external use, where the active ingredients are absorbed through the skin. Apply to a clean, dry area of the skin, alternating the application area with each daily application.